Ollin Calli es un colectivo de Tijuana opuesto a la explotación, en especial en las maquiladoras, y a favor de una economía alternativa. Estamos por el conocimiento y la asesoría de nuestros derechos humanos laborales, en particular por el respeto a la salud y la seguridad en las líneas de producción.

Ollin Calli is a collective of Tijuana opposed to exploitation, especially in the maquiladoras, and in favor of an alternative economy. We advocate for education and advice of our human and labor rights, especially for labor health and safety.

Online CPI : Making Ends Meet in San Diego County 2010

Sep 2, 2010
Center on Policy Iniciatives
Sept. 2, 2010
Almost a third of working-age households in San Diego County have incomes below what they need to meet basic living expenses. Half of those struggling households include someone with a full-time job.
Making Ends Meet in San Diego County 2010, a study released today by the Center on Policy Initiatives and United Way of San Diego County, measured local costs of housing, child care, food and other basic expenses to determine a bare-bones budget for various-sized families.
At a press conference releasing the report, teacher Vicky Maheu said she has resorted to selling her belongings online after her hours were cut.
Findings include:
  • 229,195 non-retired households in the county -- 3 in 10 -- earn less than that "self-sufficiency" level, including more than 180,000 households with at least one person working full-time or part-time.
  • A single person with no dependents needs a full-time job paying at least $13.13 an hour, or $27,733 a year, to meet basic expenses. A full-time worker making California's minimum wage of $8 an hour earns only $16,896 in a year, but even that is higher than the official federal poverty level of $11,161.
  • For families with two working adults supporting children, costs such as child care and transportation go up, increasing the amount needed to get by...

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